Fine Art

John Depuy
oil, watercolor

Chris Erickson

Jonathan Frank
watercolor and ink

Bonnie Frucci


Winston Gamble

Randolph Jorgen
stone sculpture

Mark Knudsen

Kyle Kraiter

Barbara McCulloch
oil, acrylic

Nickolas Muray

Rachel Pettit

R. Lillian Siefer
mixed water media

Leslie Thomas

Eric Trenbeath

Optic Twist Bowl
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Kyle Kraiter
handblown glass

Kyle's attraction to glass work is tied to an underlying passion for adventure and beauty. This passion has been fueled by an exploration of glass, and through the experiences he has had with the people and places he has encountered during his travels. Nature has such a strong influence on Kyle's work. The curl of a breaking wave. The curve of a woman's hip. The ocean and the human form are two of the most visually apparent influences in Kyle's work. "The true artist to which no one can compare is mother nature herself," says Kyle. "No one can compete with the pattern in a leaf or the colors of the sea." Smooth, simple line and form true to the nature of the material are what one will find expressed in both the shapes and color of Kyle's work.